Weekend dive at Munkholmbroen (30. Jul)

Hey all!


Subject to weather conditions which look promising for the moment, the KDK foreigner\\\\\\\’s legion 😀 is planning a weekend 2x dive at Munkholmbroen. Everyone\\\\\\\’s welcome to join too!


The plan is:


1. Meet at 0900 at the club to pack the gear

2. Set out at 0930 towards the place

3. Arrive at 1100

4. Dive 1 at 1130 ish, for 40-60 min south of bridge

5. Surface break at 1230

6. Dive 2 at 1345-1400 ish, for 40-60 min to explore the pillars and the northern side

7. Short break at 1500 and packing up

8. Set out at 1600 towards the club

9. Arrive at 1700 at the club to rinse the gear etc


We plan to base at the parking/recreational space near the eastern end of the bridge; the parking space is unfortunately paid so remember to do that before diving in. We will have a trailer with us so we can take a bit extra gear and 1-2 people with us. Do remember to bring food and/or drinks for yourself.


Should there be any questions, don\\\\\\\’t hesitate to ask in the comments below!

Begivenhedstype Dykkertur Møde tidspunkt 09:00 Mødested Klubben
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