Dykkertur Egypten Deep South (30. Nov – 7. Dec) (30. Nov – 7. Dec)


Elias, Lasse, Molly og mig planer at tage en tur til Egypten til November/December. Det ser ud som om der er flere pladser tilbage på bådet, så hvis der er nogen som kunne tænke sig at tage med, her er så muligheden. Fra organisatoren:

We will be boarding at Port Ghaleb on the 30th November, you can get on any time after 3pm up to 5am in the morning of the 1st December, we sail after we get permission from the coastguard on Sunday morning. The return to shore will also be Port Ghaleb on Friday afternoon having completed 2 dives. You can stay on board in harbour if you are flying from Marsa Alam, if you are flying from Hurghada then we leave the boat on Friday afternoon and spend the night at Roots. That’s about all the details I can be sure of.

The route is decided on the trip, we will have a few sites that we will aim to include but we are driven by the weather and boat traffic. Day 1 will normally be Abu Dabbab and Elphinstone, then overnight south. That could be Daedalus or could be Zabagad or Ras Banas, it depends on the group as well as the previous factors. From there we are wandering. We will go to Zabargad, St Johns – Habii Gaffar, among other sites. Heading back on day 5 we will visit Fury Shoals which will include Maksour and St Claude with a possible sunset beer on Sylil Island. The last dive on day 6 will be back at Elphinstone. The bottom line is we have been diving 35 years in the Red Sea, we don’t any poor sites, every site will be a super dive, if you buddies need an itinerary set in stone then we probably aren’t the right trip for them

Vi vil sandsynligvis flyve til Hurghada, fordi flyvningerne er ret billige fra CPH til Hurghada. Marsa Alam er til gengæld rimelig dyr.

Practical info: On a week trip you can expect around 14-17 dives. Typically 3-4 a day, depending on sites and flying times. There are typically all sorts of divers onboard, but PADI advanced or similar is strongly recommended. Some sites can be a bit deeper than 30 m, i.e. next to a wall, but if you are not certified to go deeper then there are very probably others that can’t either and buddy teams are made accordingly. Prices are typically all inclusive, except alcohol and maybe some taxes, but that isn’t a big deal. Flights to Hurghada can be as cheap as, say 2500 kr, so all in all bottom line could be around 15000 kr with a bit of luck. Boats have typically nitrox onboard but not 100% sure about this trip. Will hopefully get all the fine details soon.

Hvis der er nogen som er interesseret, send bare en besked og så kan jeg dele flere informationer, så snart som jeg fik den.



P.S. Nogle af mine dykker buddies fra Holland tager også med.

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